There is no path

There is only this moment

Coronatime. We’re obliged to stay at home. But sometimes I plan to make a walk in the park nearby. At dinertime, so there won’t be a lot of people outside. The same this evening. I planned my trip, the paths that I wanted to walk. I created this fantasy of how the walk would be. But when I came in the park, all the roads I planned to take, were closed because of corona.

There’s no future, there is only this moment

There is no path, says Jeff Foster in one of his talks on facebook. And he’s right. Right now we hear all kinds of people in the news talking about ‘how it’s gonna be’. And we will all create this so called future, out of our own script. So if you’re a docter and you want to help people, your story will be completely different from an economist. They all will tell their story about ‘how the path will go from now on’. But the truth is, there is no path. There is no future and there is no past. There is only this moment. Everything you tell about what you think is going to happen, is fantasy.

Realise the difference between fantasy and the moment

Ofcourse there’s nothing wrong with fantasy and fantasizing. (And in the case of corona, and what virologists know how viruses spread, it’s actually helping to be prepared for what might happen). As long as you know what is fantasy and what is reality. Like the walk I planned to do, the planned walk was a fantasywalk. The real walk was completely different.

If you don’t know the difference, and you start to believe all this fantasies, it will most certainly create fear. On the other hand, if you embrace the fact that you don’t know how life is going to be from now on, this will probably also create fear. But why don’t we start being in the moment? That’s all we have. We all have to stay at home, to help prevent the virus to spread rapidly. Why don’t you start to sit every day half an hour and do nothing? Just sit and be.

Meditatie. meditatie Amsterdam. Clarity voor jou! Hanneke Sloof

Maybe it’s time to start meditating?

Be with this very moment. The only thing that is really real right now. Be with your feelings without judgement. Be with your senses without judgement. Just sit on a chair and do nothing else then this. And if half an hour is to much for you, start with 10 minutes a day and build it up. And maybe you’ll find out you love it and you’ll expand it to an hour every day.

When I started to do the quantum light breath meditation many years ago, I fantasized: ‘what if all people around the world would meditate, probably all war would end’. Being with what is…. Maybe this is the time that you can start being with the moment… And see that it (maybe) gives you calmth and joy…. or something else.

mei 2020

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