Existence doesn’t judge

We are afraid to feel

It occurs to me that people nowadays are afraid of emotions. We’re afraid to cry, to feel anger or shyness. I understand this: pain isn;t nice. But in everybody’s life, there’s a certain amount of pain.

My personal drive as a clarity trainer is to show people that ‘there’s nothing wrong with them’. And even stronger: after going through your sadness or anger, the road is often free to be really in the Moment. And that is so beautiful, I wish that for everyone.

To feel love

As I wrote before in my blogs, I was someone who was pretty good in hiding emotions. You could almost say I became a professional in it. You’ll understand that this was only leading to a burn-out and a depression. After going through my own fears, sadness, anger and resentment, the energy channels were finally clear enough to feel the Love, that everyone in essence is.

Burn-out voorkomen Clarity Proces AmsterdamWithout ‘dredging’ this energy channels, I would have never arrived there. It would have been nicely hidden behind a thick wall of strategies, which I built up in my childhood. Because I thought that this was necessary. Because I thought that without them I would not survive in the family that I grew up in.


What a joy then to be finally a ‘professional’ in guiding other people to heal themselves. To let them experience that they are still okay, no matter how many tears and anger there has to be felt. To show them that Existence has no opinion and doesn’t judge.

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